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Equinox Marine can attend any size vessel. The time to accurately assess and adjust a compass varies. Using traditional and cutting edge technologies, a full analysis, adjustment and calibration of a compass's deviation should take about an hour. 

Small vessels must leave the quay to manoeuvre around the compass headings (swinging the compass). During this compass swing, the vessel’s magnetic heading is determined by distant bearings, sun azimuths or other appropriate methods including GPS Compass.

Merchant ships' compasses can be adjusted whilst alongside in Gladstone if the compass error on various magnetic headings have been observed off the port before entering. Applying a detailed understanding of ships' magnetism, we have accurately adjusted compasses on ships whilst berthed in Gladstone. Typical results from such adjustments are indicated by the following extracts from master's reports;

".. minimal residual deviations" ss River Boyne    adjusted February 2009

".. did not exceed one degree" mv Ocean Diamond   adjusted June 2009

".. very small residual deviations" mv Mona Liberty   adjusted July 2010

".. less than 3 degrees" mv Capetan Vassilis   adjusted December 2010

".. found to be in minimum" mv Pedhoulas Trader   adjusted May 2011

"..maximum deviations only reaching about one degree" mv RTM Piiramu adjusted June 2013


Equinox Marine is based in Gladstone and is integral to www.CompassAdjuster.com.au, servicing the southeast Queensland ports of Gladstone, Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, Maryborough and Tin Can Bay .


Sam Chapman (Gold Coast Compass Adjuster) in Gladstone
Sam Chapman - AMSA Lic'd Adjuster       Tess Chapman - AMSA Lic'd Adjuster

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